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giovedì, dicembre 03, 2009

Black Orchid

I'ts arrived...this's s only a comic book printed in's only the first appearance of Black Orchid in the comics world...but it's arrived and now is mine.

Black Orchid wikipedia

venerdì, novembre 06, 2009

ATOM PLASTIC - Toys Are Not For Kids!

ATOM Plastic is the new spot where creativity meets passion - Store / Bookshop / Gallery. Milan has always been a city with a sense and big desire for creativity and now with Bob Atom Milan has a new reference for it.

ATOM PLASTIC store opening
November 5, 2009 - Via Volta 5, Milano

for more information go to Atom Plastic website

Sketch - "Some News"

giovedì, novembre 05, 2009

TSW at NY Horror Filmfest

"The Shadow Within"will be screened at New York City Horror Film Festival.

The simpson 20 anniversary

Big party in Milan last night,Playboy Italy and 20th Century Fox for 20 years of The Simpsons.
The magazine has devoted the cover of November to Marge Simpson.

Grande festa a Milano ieri sera,Playboy Italia e 20th Century Fox per i 20 anni dei Simpson.
Il magazine ha dedicato la copertina di novembre a Marge Simpson.

I absolutely must buy it!

venerdì, ottobre 30, 2009

Brain Wash

Brain Wash a science-fiction short made in stop motion animation.
I worked in 2001 like Graphic Designer for the main and endtitle...take a look!

giovedì, ottobre 15, 2009

Hopper at Milan



giovedì, settembre 24, 2009

ANCI Creative Award

I'm proud to announce that i'm the winner of the 2nd edition ANCI Creative Award.
Title of the exhibition:
Crazy About Italian Shoes

18 September 2009
The 30 works selected as finalists will be presented to the international press, the exhibitors and the visitors at the international press conference on the MICAM ShoEvent, which will be held on Friday 18 September 2009 at 11am at the Martini Room, Service Centre, 1st Floor, Fiera Milano Rho.
Anci will present the Award's winner and the earning of the sale of all 30 artworks will be donated. All proceeds from this auction will be donated to the Italian Red Cross's Abruzzo Emergency fund.

Take a look at the official site:

lunedì, settembre 07, 2009

ANCI creative award

I'm one of the 30 finalist of the ANCI creative award contest.

The selected works will be shown to journalists, entrepreneurs and visitors at the

MICAM ShoEvent (the international footwear show)
Milan - Italy
from 16 to 19 September 2009.

All 30 artworks will be sold and the earning will be donated to the Italian Red Cross's Abruzzo Emergency fund to help the families affected by the earthquake that struck the Abruzzo region on 6 April 2009.

venerdì, giugno 19, 2009

Sketch - Self Portrait

This is my old self my old room...inside my old house...when i was a pigs collector...this is a vision during a drawing session...THIS IS ABSOLUTELY OLD!

giovedì, giugno 11, 2009


Yesterday with my great pleasure i knew Sergio on the web,the son of CAVA...simply a myth!
The beloved humorist Osvaldo "Cava" Cavandoli (1920-2007) is best known for the genius of a character he created from a single line, aptly known as LA LINEA ("The Line").
He also worked working independently as a director and a producer of stop motion films...a very unique and inimitable italian artist!

Here an original CAVA drawing that I bought in Milan some years ago.

Osvaldo Cavandoli-Wikipedia

My space-Osvaldo Cavandoli

You Tube interview(italian)

Sketch-"People at the sea"

giovedì, maggio 21, 2009

Finally I have a website...just a light version with my Showreel a little BIO and a link at this blog too...but for now that's good.
Take a look!

Thanks to Daniele (My web master)

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lunedì, maggio 18, 2009

XVII Scudetto



Milano, via Savona, May 14'09, 22:00 at Maidirebar pub - the exhibition / presentation of "ARCASACRA" the first palindrome Italian comic.
Here Alex Crippa on the left (The writer),me (with my double signed "Jonah Martini copy...thanks are simply GREAT!)and Francesco(The true comics collector)on the right.
it was a beautiful evening!

mercoledì, maggio 13, 2009

Magnus a la Paz

LA PAZ in Bolivia inside the international festival of comics "Viñetas con altura" will be screened the documentary Magnus-Il Segno del Viandante. Magnus, pseudonym of Roberto Raviola, (May 30, 1939 - February 5, 1996) was a great Italian comic book artist, regarded as one of the foremost cartoonists of all time in his country. In this documentary i take care for the art direction, the composite of some fx scenes and the main and end titles.
Magnus Wikipedia
IMDB fullcredits

lunedì, maggio 11, 2009

lunedì, aprile 27, 2009

Friend Link-Gaetano Leonardi

A new friend added in "Friends" section..Gaetano Leonardi...a very original artist...take a look!

venerdì, aprile 24, 2009

DM-deluxe box set edition

The new Depeche Mode album Sounds of the universe|deluxe box set edition...I had absolutely have!


Here some Rappers Character design...leave some comments..please!

giovedì, aprile 23, 2009

"Un Amore di Strega"

Un po' di autopromozione a volte non guasta...pertanto volevo segnalarvi una delle mie ultime fatiche a questa pagina
...e mi raccomando...per Mercoledi prossimo non prendete altri impegni.

lunedì, marzo 02, 2009

Uncredited: Graphic Design & Opening Titles in Movies

If you have a passion for the movies opentitles you must have absolutely this book. I recently bought too.
Uncredited (By: Gemma Solana / Antonio Boneu----Publisher: Index Book),now at the 2nd edition is the first book to offer a general and historic insight into the role played by graphic design in films, from the dawn of cinema to the present day.
The book also includes a DVD containing a selection of the titles analyzed within its pages, in QuickTime format.

lunedì, febbraio 23, 2009

And the Winner is...

81st Academy Awards
Heath Ledger was awarded a posthumous Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. Best Picture honors went to “Slumdog Millionaire” which also took home seven other awards. See all winners

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lunedì, febbraio 09, 2009

Visual Intifada

Published on "Visual Intifada"
...a very interesting project!
A lot of words are spend every day about the conflict between Israel and some images tell about it.
Please visit the official blog (only in italian)
and if you want post a comment.
here my proposal

Subsequently the selected images will be published in a book.

More information about intifada on Wikipedia at this links:

INTIFADA (english)
INTIFADA (italian)

mercoledì, gennaio 28, 2009

AIUTIAMO Valeria! - HELP Valeria!

Hello to everybody Friends...this time i'm writing for ask you an help.
I will invite you to visit this site (Sorry! only in italian)
You can make a donation/payment on postal account written at the bottom

Ciao a tutti Amici...questa volta vi scrivo per chiedervi un aiuto.
Vi invito a visitare il sito

Due parole su chi è VALERIA
Valeria nasce il 02/08/2006, in anticipo di 6 settimane rispetto alla data prevista per il parto; un parto cesareo programmato visto che Valeria era podalica.La gravidanza ha avuto un decorso normale, senza alcuna avvisaglia di quello che poi si sarebbe rivelato un problema serio! Nessuna ecografia mise infatti in evidenza il “piccolo” problema di Valeria; una vasta lesione cerebrale le cui cause sono tutt’ora sconosciute che le ha letteralmente “mangiato” buona parte dell’emisfero di destra lasciando intatto solo una residua componente dell’emisfero sinistro ed una piccola componente del lobo temporale di destra.Una malattia che non ha un nome ne’ una definizione ma la cui conseguenza è il ritardo mentale e motorio comunemente definito come “tetraparesi spastica”.
Posso garantire IO STESSO che non si tratta di una bufala...è una cosa seria...Abbiamo bisogno di raccogliere 36.000€ per curare Valeria...
Ho sentito obiezioni e menate in merito a:
...sperando che tanto affetto e tanto amore siano più forti del denaro e diano una spinta e una possibilità in più a Valeria.

Se volete potete fare un versamento sul conto corrente postale:
via Giorgio Enrico Falck 13 - 20099 - Sesto S. Giovanni-Milano-(Italia)
CF dell’associazione: 94612890155
IBAN IT35V0760101600000092710664

NON E' UNA BUFALA...chiedetemi pure tutto quello che volete se avete dei dubbi

grazie mille - Thank you!